Disability Support Services in Melbourne - Why Choose RISU Care?

RISU Care Disability Provider South Morang

We strive for a more inclusive society by breaking down barriers and providing the right support at the right time, creating moments that matter. RISU Care as a disability support services provider in Melbourne represents respect, individuality, support, and understanding, all of which drive our performance to excellence.

Whether you need assistance with daily tasks, life skills development, or community nursing care, RISU Care has a team of experts ready to help you and your loved ones live the life you’ve always desired. RISU Care is committed to raising the standard of human services in Australia. While the service has been in operation in Melbourne for the past two years, the company anticipates multi-dimensional growth in 2022. This expansion will include more people using the service and a greater emphasis on a broader range of target groups.

What makes us different?

RISU Care is an NDIS-accredited disability service provider that provides people with disability support services in Melbourne with life skills improvement and support services. Our team is passionate about prioritising your preferences and will go above and beyond to meet your needs. As a small boutique service provider, RISU Care provides its clients with a highly personalised approach and makes every effort to match you with a right support worker who shares your values and interests.

Call for a free consultation

RISU Care can assist you if you are looking for a professional disability support service in Melbourne. If you have any questions about the process of obtaining an NDIS plan, contact RISU Care today for a free consultation.