Disability Support South Morang

disability support South Morang

RISU Care began its services with a humble beginning to provide disability support South Morang in the year 2019. Initially, the reason for starting disability services was social connection, and later it became a sense of giving and belonging.

Disability Services in Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

Our pathway was longer than it should have been. Despite the fact that our team had firsthand knowledge of disability advocacy, our intent was to provide the best disability support South Morang. We spent considerable time recognising the extent of the barriers we might face, asserting our access requirements, realising our potential and defining clear goals for our team. After a successful operation to RISU Care is now providing disability services in the entire northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Accessibility Knowledge at par with Community Standards

Our team has excellent accessibility knowledge at par with community standards. There is a growing consciousness around NDIS affiliation and know how to ensure fully accessible workspaces. Our knowledge of the domain is our strength. We are able to quote the relevant access standards and navigate our disability experts in the right directions so that they don’t have to continually do the emotional labour.

Regain & Retain Social Participation : Disability Support South Morang

While providing disability support in South Morang, our team understood how ensuring access directly impacts diverse individuals. RISU Care is now a social enterprise and, through its various initiatives, provides choices for people living with a disability to regain and retain their social participation within a supportive community.

Participant First Approach

We have a unique ‘Participant First’ approach to providing our disability support. Under the auspices of the NDIS, we run a variety of disability programmes to ensure participants’ vital health and well-being. Our programmes include counselling and psychological support for people adjusting to life after disability.

Overwhelming Response

The support provided by the South Morang community is overwhelming and has given us strength to further our operations in different suburbs of Melbourne.