We are one billion around the world !

Disability Support Provider Melbourne

Did you know there are approximately 1 billion disabled people around the world.


Did you also know that disability is largest minority in world. Amongst those 1 billion disabled people in the world (15% of the word population) how many have you seen or came across?

If your answer is “very few” then there is still a lot to be done to make them part of the society. Why don’t we see them is because they are still not included in our society and they are still leading a solitary invisible life.

Lets very quickly answer few questions to understand the importance of inclusion

  1. Have you ever tried to communicate with any individual with disability and found yourself unprepared and short of words.
  2. Have you ever explained your kids what is to interpret and how to react when they see or come across a person on wheelchair.
  3. How many times have you got yourself engaged on disability awareness on social media.
  4. Did you ever imagined yourself living a life with any disability wherein you could not see, walk or speak.

Inclusion is not about just being compassionate about these one billion disabled people around the world, inclusion is to understand the need and to commit yourself towards awareness, understanding and contributing towards the cause.