High Intensity
Assistance with daily personal activities

NDIS Support Provider for Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

Empowering Disability Support in Melbourne

RISU Care understands the importance of maintaining personal independence, which is why we offer comprehensive assistance with daily personal activities tailored to your goals and needs. Our dedicated team provides hands-on support or supervision for a range of personal hygiene tasks, including showering, oral hygiene, and dressing, ensuring that you can maintain your well-being with dignity and confidence. We also offer assistance with toileting or bladder and bowel management, as well as support with eating and drinking to ensure proper nutrition and hydration. Additionally, our team assists with mobility, helping you safely get in and out of bed and move around your living environment. Furthermore, we provide support for attending appointments, ensuring that you can access necessary healthcare services with ease. With RISU Care, you can rely on personalized assistance to enhance your daily living and promote independence.

Personal Activities

Personalized Support for Daily Living Needs

nursing disability care provider in melbourne

Personal hygiene activities, such as showering, oral hygiene, or dressing.

Toileting or bladder and bowel management.

Eating and drinking.

Mobility to get in and out of bed

Attending appointments.

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Our mission is to support, encourage and empower people living with disabilities to achieve their individual goal and desire.


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    Empowering Abilities, Building Communities

    At RISU Care, we offer a comprehensive range of disability care services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


    Independent Living

    SIL Houses

    Supported Independent Living (SIL) at RISU Care empowers individuals with disabilities to live independently while receiving the necessary support to thrive.


    Disability Accommodation

    SDA - NDIS Disability Housing

    Our accommodations prioritize comfort, accessibility, and safety, providing a supportive environment where residents can thrive independently.

    Medium Term


    MTA - NDIS

    Our Medium Term Accommodation service offers a supportive and nurturing environment for those needing temporary housing solutions.


    Term Accommodation

    Respite Care

    We provide respite care so that parents/caregivers may take a break from their daily responsibilities which allows the individual to build independence.


    in Coordinating

    Managing Life Stages & Transitions

    We provide support and strengthen clients as they go through major stages, such as undertaking educational courses, renting, and/or undergoing employment.


    Daily Life Tasks

    in a group / shared living arrangement

    We provide assistance and support with range of personal and domestic tasks in a group if you are living in a shared living arrangement.


    Daily Personal Activities

    High Intensity

    Tailored to your unique goals and needs, RISU CARE offers personalized assistance or supervision for daily living personal activities.


    in community

    Social & Civic Activities

    With one of our caring staff by your side, we can help you to get out and about to participate in community, social and civic activities


    Daily Living & Life Skills

    Range of life skills

    We provide assistance and support with range of personal and domestic tasks in a group if you are living in a shared living arrangement.


    Nursing Care

    clinical & complex care need

    Our qualified and experienced registered nurses are available 24 hours to provide care and support to your clinical or complex care needs.


    Household Tasks

    Routine tasks

    Our dedicated support workers provide compassionate assistance with domestic tasks, ensuring your comfort and well-being at home.


    Travel / Transport

    Organizing transport

    Whether you need to commute to work, attend therapy sessions, or join a social event, our dedicated team is here to assist you in organizing reliable transportation.